Niantic likely didn’t expect the monster response that their Pokémon GO received on its release, and while a lot of the hype has died down, the game is still being played around the world. The company is continuing to add more features to help keep users interested and coming back for more, and their efforts appear to be yielding positive results. There are a ton of new features, such as enhancements to the team playing, that are constantly being refined and expanded, but our favorite happenings include the increase in the usage of Virtual Reality, better tracking tools, and the introduction of Pokemon Centers. If you’ve stopped playing Pokémon GO now that the hype has died down, it may be time to revisit this fun game!

Virtual Reality

This is likely the most excited we have been about a game in a long time! As huge VR fanatics, we can’t wait to give this feature a try! This augmented reality will increase the gamers experience, with easier to navigate directions and a better experience overall. Niantic is holding their cards rather close to the vest with this enhancement but we are sure that it is going to make Pokémon GO an even more exciting and enjoyable experience! These further augmentations will allow users to experience the thrill of Pokémon GO from the comfort of home and not miss a beat!

Tracking Tools

The original tracking system for Pokémon GO consisted of the “Nearby” tab, found at the bottom of the screen. The new and improved features will allow gamers to track Pokemon in a much more robust manner and to find a lot more Pokémon GO characters. The teaser that Niantic has released shows a fairly complex system that should dramatically improve the way in which tracking occurs. We can’t wait to get out there and enjoy this more interactive approach to tracking! The additional directional information of where Pokemon are in relation to your current location will make the game much faster, and much more interesting.

Pokemon Centers

Original handheld Pokemon games relied quite a lot on Centers and now they have been added to Pokémon GO. This enhancement can serve a multitude of roles such as healing center so that players will not have to rely on scarce potions that are available through PokeSpace, daycare, Pokemon breeding centers, and virtual trading centers. This feature can help to more closely replicate the experience that players received through the handheld games while also providing the IRL experience found only in Pokémon GO! We are interested to see if even more services will be added to these new Pokemon Centers, as we are sure that Niantic has a few surprises up their sleeve!