Are you looking to update your outdoor space with new patio furniture? During the summer months it seems like every store features a display of attractive dining and conversation sets. But where are you likely to find the best deals and the greatest variety? While you may find a one-off bargain at your pool store or a nice clearance sale when the weather starts to cool down, it may be quicker and easier to shop at a retailer with more than a single option. The three best options for finding the patio set of your dreams include Lowe’s, Ikea, and Walmart. These retailers provide the best bang for your buck. Read on to learn what options are available at these popular shopping centers.

Even though Lowe’s is a home improvement center, they also feature a large seasonal display area that always includes a wide variety of patio furniture from late spring until the summer heat starts to fade. This is a great place to window shop as you will find bistro sets, full dining sets, fire pits, umbrellas, and plenty of designer cushions to complete the look. Look for the Bellmare Conversation Collection to create a casual area to chat late into the nights. Priced between $700 and $1300, its modular wicker design allows you to create a sofa and chair combo that will fit a large deck or intimate balcony. For family picnics, check out the Kingsmead Dining Collection that includes a large table and chunky swivel rockers in a heavy-duty metal frame. Anticipate to spend around $800 for a full-priced set, but clearance sales begin right after the 4th of July.

Many shoppers are looking for a contemporary look that doesn’t blow their budgets. Check out the selection at Ikea, specifically the Applaro line for a dining option that comes complete for under $500. Built out of wood in a minimal European style, it is up to you to add cushions and table settings for a more complete appearance. Best of all, you know the boxes will fit into your SUV—no delivery required. You can also find comparable conversation sets like the Kungsholmen modular system that will save you a couple hundred. You won’t find as many options as Lowe’s, but you can finish out your deck space for about half the price compared to the large home improvement centers.

For the best return on your dollar, check out Walmart. While the dining and conversation sets are not built to the same standard as Lowe’s or Ikea, you can get a similar look for significantly less. Buy a complete dining set for under $500 when you opt for the Cosco Outdoor Living Paloma 7-pc dining set priced at just $328 or go for a more bistro appearance with the 5 pc Highland Knolls for $249. You will need to shop early in the season for the best selection, but these stores do not carry over inventory from year to year. Come back-to-school time, check the outdoor living center at your local store for a clearance price that could make your neighbors green with jealousy. Remember, upholstery can be changed out to freshen up your outdoor decor—buy the table and chairs at Walmart and head back to Ikea for the cushions you loved.