It’s hard to imagine anyone in a busy household or office going a single day without the need to reach for a roll of paper towels. From wiping noses and mopping up messes to cleaning windows and wiping spills from your keyboard, the ways paper towels come in handy is endless. Thicker paper towel varieties are great for more demanding cleaning needs without falling apart, like cleaning your windshield and car windows, getting your sink sparkling again, soaking up grease and grime from cooking oily food, and even polishing stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures to gleaming perfection quickly and easily. Regular paper towels are awesome for quick pickups and smaller chores. Choose-a-size varieties allow you to custom-select only the amount of cleaning help you need, while printed paper towels add a splash of color and charm to your home or office. Considering how often we use paper towels, finding great deals on paper towels will help you keep your home and office spotless without breaking your budget. The three best retailer deals for paper towels is Dollar Tree, Staples and Sam’s Club.

Dollar Tree helps you prevent messes while making cleanup a breeze with their selection of inexpensive paper towels. It’s hard to beat soaking up spills and stopping stains for only $1 per pack! However, some of their budget brands are thinner than premium offerings. They’re perfect for stocking up in offices, cafeterias, and restaurants, or keeping a supply on hand in the home, though. Their online site store offers a store locator to find a local retailer but doesn’t sell online. Dollar Tree stocks The Home Store brand in 56-sheet regular, 100-sheet big roll sizes, 140-sheet custom sizes, and 40-sheet Bounty Essentials, all in white. For more color while you’re cleaning, opt for the Sparkle brand Spirited Prints. You do have to buy in bulk for some of those low prices, though: The Home Store custom size rolls have a minimum purchase of 4 rolls, the regular and big roll minimums are 6 rolls, the Bounty Essentials is 4 rolls, and the Sparkle prints require buying a 30-count case.

Staples has some great deals on paper towels that are budget-friendly for office or home. They offer next day delivery if there isn’t an outlet nearby, and even add an extra discount if you choose their auto re-stock feature to ensure you never run out. Their 12-pack Viva Vantage is a good buy at $14.69, but since Viva Vantage are much bigger rolls than standard rolls, their economy pack is more like getting 18 regular sized rolls—that’s less than a dollar each per roll! When you sign up for auto re-stock, that drops even further, to $13.96, a 13% savings. If you don’t need a case of paper towels, opt for 8 select-a-size rolls for only $15.99.

If club-style shopping is your thing, head to Sam’s Club. Sam’s stocks their own exclusive brand at great savings, especially when you order free in-store pickup. They offer a store locator, and many products are available online, but check their site because many of their deals sell out quickly online and in-store. Their Member’s Mark Super Premium paper towels are a best-seller and only $14.48 for 15 mega rolls when you pick up in the club. Their POM Sam’s Club value pack sports 30 big rolls for $31.98, which includes shipping!