When purchasing an item that is supposed to represent your eternal love and devotion to a person in your life who uplifts you in more ways than you count, it is tempting to spend as much as you possibly can in order to find the best icon of your affection. That line of thinking is just going to put more money into the jewelers’ pockets, not find you the right engagement ring at a price that will leave you with spare cash for picking up the His and Her towel set or a night out on the town together. You can save hundreds by shopping around for quality engagement rings that are on clearance, so show your future spouse how smart you are, not how much money you can spend! The top three retailers with the best deals on diamond engagement rings include, Helzberg Diamonds, and Costco. Read on to find out what you need to know about the best deals on engagement rings before you pop the question.

While it might sound strange that someone could have too many diamond rings to sell, is shining with fantastic deals on hundreds of engagement rings. There are plenty of options under $1,000 - like a quarter carat ring for just $154 - but shopping for a bargain doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice originality, either. One Miadora engagement ring features an alluring 1-3/8 ct of black diamond spread throughout a spiraling array of gorgeous rose gold, and it is sure to attract far more attention than any standard engagement ring while costing just $745 - a bargain for the carats alone. You can also venture into the high end of prices to see even greater savings, like an Auriya 1.5 ct diamond and platinum ring whose 15% discount will save you almost $3,000.

Helzberg Diamonds is a smaller shop than Overstock, but it still has a sizable selection of diamond engagement rings with many on clearance. One gorgeous 1/3 ct ring has three stones set side by side that resemble fields of flowers with their intricate cutting. It also has a massive discount fo $300 off the sticker price, retailing for $499 from Helzberg’s online store. You won’t be able to find many 1/3 ct engagement rings for that price without sacrificing on style or stone quality. They aren’t afraid to slash prices on their prestigious stock, either, like the $3,000 they took off the sticker for one of their 1-1/2 carat beauties.

Lastly, there is the wholesale selection of diamond engagement rings from Costco. Although Costco makes money off stocking in bulk, they do have some astonishingly low prices on individual rings. If you are eager to really get a high carat ring, you can purchase a five-stone, 3 ct ring for just $9,999.99. While effectively five figures, some other companies sell similar weights for over four times the price. Their selection of rings under $2,000 is smaller than Overstock’s or Helzberg’s, but Costco Wholesale is an unexpectedly good shop to find rings with high carat weights at phenomenal prices. If you are looking to spend into the hundreds of thousands on a ring, Costco might save you thousands compared to other dealers.