We may think of riding trails through the woods when we think of ATV’s or Quads, but there are a lot of uses for these small vehicles. They are great for recreational use, and you can reach far away fishing holes, or secret hunting locales easily on one of these. ATV’s also are great on farm, or homes with large yards as an extra utility vehicle. Some come with a trailer to make them even more utilitarian. ATV’s are getting more sophisticated as well, and some of them are almost like cars. You can still go simple, but even simple models are not totally bare. You may also get mini-snow plows to attach to some ATVs. Sears, Home Depot and Tractor Supply have the best deals on 2018-19 SUV and Quad models.

Sears has one of the cheapest and most basic ATV’s out there. The Razor Dirt Quad is going for just under $400. It is designed for young teenagers but still has enough power to be fun to ride. It is battery-powered and will deliver 40 minutes of non-stop action on a charge. The Razor DIrt QUad uses two-24 Volt batteries that are rechargeable. The charger comes at no extra cost. The frame is made of tubular steel, so is sturdy enough for the woods. The ATV rides on 13-inch pneumatic knobby tires, and use a coil shock for rear suspension. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars. It has a high-torque motor for fast starting and extra speed for hills. This would be a good entry-level quad for a young person to get started with this type of vehicle.

The American LandMaster Trail wagon is a workhorse on wheels, and Tractor Supply is selling this ATV at $5.899. This ATV has a truck bed that is 41 inches long and 35 inches wide. The bed will hold 400 pounds and the ATV itself can carry 900 pounds, including passengers. It can be outfitted with a trailer and can tow up to 1100 pounds. It runs on a four-cycle OHV single cylinder engine that will move the vehicle at 20 miles per hours. It’s gas tank holds five gallons, and can go 100 miles on a tank. It can also be outfitted with a snow plow. You may push, pull or carry just about anything. It is also great for hunting and fishing, as well as just riding trails. The Landmaster has six inches of clearance. It rides on 12-inch tires and can turn in a 7.5-foot radius.

It is almost like a truck, but one of the best ATV’s you can get from a performance standpoint is the Vector 700 from Home Depot. It is selling for a dollar shy of $10,000. It comes with a two-piece windshield and a 3500-pound winch. It can be outfitted with a trailer or a snow plow as well. It has a sports engine that will crank out 30 horsepower and will reach 50 miles per hour. It has an on-demand four-wheel drive and two gears. Standard are head and tail lights, turn signals and a removable roof. It rides on 26-inch tires and has hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel. The engine is a 700cc gasoline engine that has fuel injection. It can be fitted with a hunting package as well.