Like a lot of people, we have been paying a lot more attention to our diets and are now including a lot more healthy food options and realize that the family dog deserves the same consideration! Healthy food helps dogs to lead happier and longer lives with fewer health problems and setbacks. If you want to learn more about the top healthy dog food options available, keep reading! Our search unearthed a lot of fantastic choices with our top 3 being Nutri Life, Orijen Tundra, and Holistic Health Extension. Feeding your dog top-quality food can help them maintain a shiny coat, protect their joints, and extend their overall lifespan. And if you really want to pamper your pet try one of the new pet food fresh meal delivery services!

Nutri Life

If you are looking for a great food for your dog in a variety of different flavors and protein sources, give Nutri Life a try. They offer Chicken, Whitefish, and Duck formulations, depending on your dog’s taste preferences. At under $2.00 per pound, this option is also a good deal! This is a favorite of large dog owners due to the huge bag sizes and the hearty nature of the formula. We found the duck flavor to be the most popular in your home, but all of the varieties were very well received!

Orijen Tundra

This is one of the best options if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to grain, as it is one of the few top-rated dog foods that are also grain-free. Another great aspect of this healthy dog food is that it is comprised of 80% protein and 20% fruits and vegetables without any unnecessary and possibly unhealthy fillers. Protein sources range from freshly caught Arctic Char, Bison, Venison, Rabbit, Mutton, and Goat. This food is also a hit with a lot of picky dogs who do not like to eat dry foods or kibble. There are a lot of great flavors, and many pet owners will rotate them through their dog’s feeding schedule in order to increase variety and avoid allergies and other complications that can arise from overexposure to a single ingredient.

Holistic Health Extension

The Little Bites are a great option for smaller dogs that still have big appetites! This dog food is especially popular with owners who are looking for a grain-free food that their dog will enjoy. There are whole berries and other fruits and vegetables and the ingredient list is easy to read. Poultry sourced varieties such as the Chicken and Turkey foods are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to feed their dog a healthy and nutritious food that tastes great! There are also options available based on dog size, age, and activity level. There are no fillers or byproducts in any of the Holistic Health Extension foods although they do add supplements to help improve your dog’s overall health and well-being.