For many seniors, having a quality phone is a must. As the best way to reach out to family members, doctors, and friends, no senior should live without a phone. While they may not always want the latest and greatest cell phone on the market, there are a ton of great options for seniors. Phones best-suited for seniors are user-friendly and come with numerous unique design features that the elderly will appreciate. If you are a senior looking to buy a new phone, but aren’t sure what options are out there, you are in luck. We’ve put together a list of the best phones for seniors available based on user-friendliness, design, and sound quality. If you want to learn more about the best phones for seniors, read on to learn more.

Jitterbug Flip

It may not look like much but the Jitterbug Flip from GreatCall is sure to please most seniors. It’s a phone that focuses on what matter most: calls. The large buttons ensure that seniors never enter the wrong number or have trouble reading the numbers. The display features bold, large text that can be read effortlessly. With minimal features, seniors won’t have to navigate through dozens of useless icons just to make a call. Calls are at a high volume as to be heard by any senior, even with a hearing aid. Best of all, there’s no contracts or cancellation fees required. Flexible monthly plans can be purchased for just $15 per month, a deal you can’t get from the major providers. Get this phone for as little as $60.

Snapfron exTWO

Another great phone for seniors is the Snapfon ezTWO. It’s a little-known secret in the world of senior phones, but that doesn’t make it any less superb. Available at Walmart, the Snapfon ezTWO connects to 3G networks for simple talking and texting. The large buttons are large and simple to press, and the speaking keypad allows you to hear the number you are entering. The enhanced volume makes calls loud and clear. It’s also worth noting that the phone supports Bluetooth so seniors with wireless headsets can connect them. Offering up to 5 hours battery life on talk or 120 hours on standby, the battery should last seniors throughout the day before they need to charge it again. Get the ezTWO senior phone for just $80 and get free shipping.

Blackberry KeyOne

While not specifically designed for seniors, the Blackberry KeyOne is a terrific option for seniors, nonetheless. Rather than using a tricky touchscreen keypad, the Blackberry KeyOne has a built-in keyboard below the display that makes messaging a lot easier for seniors. The interface is simple and incredibly user-friendly. Its top-notch security features will make seniors feel secure and safe. Its extended battery life allows for hours of calling and browsing. Designed like a brick, the KeyOne is sturdy and easy to grip. It also features a large 4.5-inch display that is easy on the eyes. Sound quality is crisp and loud, so your elderly ears will have no trouble hearing your loved ones. The operating system is fast and responsive, reducing frustration for seniors. A 12MP camera lets you take better quality pictures of the grandkids, and you can even use the pictures to create your very own wallpaper. Currently sold for around $400, it’s a lot more affordable than other top-of-the-line smartphones.