Looking for a new treatment option for psoriasis? If so, take a look at these options that treat psoriasis and help to prevent future outbreaks. Psoriasis can be difficult to manage and once it is under control can return with a vengeance. These top three treatment option categories will help to lessen your symptoms and work to prevent their return. There are also some effective complementary treatments that you can do at home such as Epsom salt baths, light therapy, and taking fish oil supplements. If you suffer from this uncomfortable and unsightly condition, keep reading to learn more about your treatment options in the antihistamine, topical steroid cream, and corticosteroid categories.

Topical Immunomodulators

Because psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, topical immunomodulators such as Elidel cream can be effective in relieving your itching, burning, and discomfort, while helping to manage the triggers that can cause a future outbreak. This cream works by suppressing the skin cells that behave abnormally and thus cause psoriasis break-outs. While these drugs do not cause the skin thinning that many patients encounter with corticosteroids, there is increased the risk of developing lymphoma and skin cancer following use of medications such as Elidel. Be sure to discuss these increased risks with your doctor prior to starting a course of treatment with Elidel or a similar drug, if you have a family history of these types of cancers they may not want you to use a topical immunomodulator.

Topical Steroid Creams

These creams are effective treatments for psoriasis although some areas of the body such as the rough areas of the elbows may require stronger dosaged than the rest of the body. This treatment is used for a short period of time as your body will likely build up a resistance and it will lose its effectiveness. If you have a particularly stubborn outbreak of psoriasis you may find that wrapping the affected area with tape or Saran wrap after applying the cream is more effective than the cream alone. Be aware that if you start using this treatment method you will need to discontinue its use on a gradual basis as quitting it all at once can prompt another psoriasis flare-up.


Corticosteroids such as Entocort EC are an effective option for many sufferers of psoriasis, typically in those who have a mild or moderate form of the condition. This drug acts as an anti-inflammatory that inhibits the growth of the abnormal skin cells. Typically prescribed in a topical format, this medication is also useful in lower strengths as a treatment for sensitive areas such as the groin and areas of the face that are affected. While this is an effective treatment it is not without certain risks. Patients that have used topical corticosteroids over a lengthy period of time have reported thinning skin, discoloration in the affected area, increased bruising and ruptured blood vessels. Discuss your use of any drugs such as Entocort EC if you are beginning to experience any of these side effects. Your doctor may also prescribe a Retinol or vitamin D cream to bolster the effectiveness of the topical corticosteroid.