Arthritis can affect different people in different ways but the most common complaints are inflammation, stiffness, and localized pain. If you are suffering from arthritis and are looking for an effective pain reliever, keep reading! While there is currently no cure for arthritis many people find that they can manage their pain with these over-the-counter medications. It is important to treat your arthritis in order to prevent further joint damage that can worsen over time and increase the amount of pain that you experience. We have found that Motrin IB, Aspercreme, and Excedrin are all effective pain medications in the treatment of mild or moderate arthritis. If your condition has progressed and such treatments are no longer effective, it is advisable to see your doctor to discuss stronger pain relief options.

Motrin IB

This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is effective in patients who experience a lot of swelling and inflammation with their arthritis. It is an effective treatment in both mild and moderate cases and is available without a prescription. If you are taking Motrin IB it is suggested that you do so with food or a glass of milk in order to minimize any discomfort that it may cause to your stomach. This drug is also available in stronger dosages with a prescription and is a good option for those whose arthritis is progressively worsening. Talk to your doctor if Motrin IB is no longer effective in treating your pain as they may find that is time to prescribe a stronger medication for your condition.

Aspercreme and Zostrix

One of the most effective and most popular Capsaicin creams, Zostrix is based around the ingredient Capsaicin which is naturally found in hot cayenne peppers and is an effective agent in reducing the pain often associated with arthritis. This topical cream is applied directly to the affected area where it attacks the nerve cells that are emitting the pain messages caused by arthritis. Salicylates based creams, such as Aspercreme, are another effective way to treat the pain of arthritis without relying on oral medications. Aspercreme has been a consumer favorite for decades and is popular with patients who have kidney or liver conditions that make oral medications a dangerous option. These creams are available from your local pharmacy and are most effective for people with mild to moderate cases of arthritis.


This aspirin-based treatment is effective for many people that experience pain without a high degree of swelling or inflammation. Be aware that it may cause you to have an upset stomach and it is recommended that you take Excedrin or any other aspirin-based medication with a glass of milk or with food. If you take Excedrin on a regular basis for an extended period of time it is possible for you to develop an allergy to aspirin. Arthritis that requires daily medication should be discussed with your doctor so that they can inform you of all of your treatment options. This medication is best for patients who experience mild pain that does not require medication every day.