One of the best things about having the PS4 is the constant stream of new games that are released each year that offer new challenges and excitement! We have compiled the top five of the latest PS4 games now available, and these games are perfect for both new users and die-hards looking to grow their collections. The games range from the highly anticipated Japanese fantasy game Final Fantasy XV to the more family-friendly Stardew Valley, and includes the often overlooked Yazuka 0; rounding out the top 5 are Monster Hunter World and Celeste. Keep reading to learn more about these cool games!

Final Fantasy XV

This giant Japanese franchise has been around for over a decade and it is easy to see why! In a world named Eos, you can explore, dominate your enemies, and gain vast wealth and riches. As Noctis, the young prince, you will enjoy a number of quests and challenges as you make your way through the fictional land of Eos.

Stardew Valley

This fun game puts players in the position of farmers in the homesteading valley of Stardew. In addition to farming and growing one’s crops and tending to animals, there are opportunities to socialize and build a network that can be effective part of survival. If that is all too easy going for your tastes, don’t worry- there are also dungeons to be explored!

Yazuka 0

This popular franchise is set in 1980s Japan and its popularity continues to grow in the US and Western market. There are brutal fights that are underscored by an emotional backstory that helps to keep players of all ages and skill levels engaged. In addition to the criminal underworld that the game navigates there are also lighthearted environments such as karaoke bars and sushi restaurants where players can interact.

Monster Hunter World

The latest offering from Capcom continues the franchise without missing a beat. This RPG, often referred to as one of the very best, is expected to grow its already substantial fan base with this version. Players cite the engaging story aspect of each Monster as a big draw, as well as the well-developed worlds that help to set Monster Hunter apart. The game requires a strong understanding of statistics as each weapon, armor piece, and attack technique is attached to a number which will help the savvy user anticipate monster behavior more effectively.


This challenging character-driven game from developer Matt Makes Games is appropriate for most ages and skill levels. You play Madeline as she attempts to climb the mountain and meets a host of unique characters along the way. This game has the added benefit of illustrating some fairly common mental health issues such as anxiety and panic attacks, with climbing the mountain representing the way in which the characters conquer their fears. Celeste is fun and challenging and also a great way to open the door to discuss a topic that can be difficult to bring up. We love this game!