If you are on oxygen therapy, a portable oxygen concentrator can make getting out and about a whole lot easier! Available with a prescription from your doctor, this piece of medical equipment can truly change your life. The most important features to consider when discussing a POC system with your doctor are noise level, battery life, and the weight of the device. Your doctor will have the final say on what is the best concentrator for your condition but you can offer input as to your preferences. Based on the three previously mentioned and non-medical factors, we have found the top three options to be the Inogen G4, the Caire Medical Airsep Focus, and the ActivOx 4L from Inova Labs. Keep reading to learn more about these great portable oxygen concentrators.

Inogen G4

This is a great and versatile piece of medical equipment that is prescribed by doctors nationwide. It is particularly popular due to its above average battery life, which is true whether or not you opt for a single or double battery pack. The long battery life coupled with its light weight of 2.8 pounds makes it ideal for patients who are looking for a POC that will allow them to get out and about more often and for extended periods of time. It is also at the top of the list for its low noise level that helps patients feel more comfortable using it out in public. This is a great choice if you are mobile and enjoy a high level of activity in your daily life.

Caire Medical Airsep Focus

Patients whose insurance does not cover a POC often ask their physicians to prescribe the Airsep Focus because of its reasonable price. In addition to the lower than average price point, the Airsep Focus is also very lightweight, coming in at just 1.75 pounds. It is the lightest on the market and can even be worn clipped to your belt! The battery will last around three hours allowing you to venture away from home for a good bit of time. The savings over other brands are substantial, as this model is typically $1,000 than many of today’s popular models. If you are on a budget or want something lightweight and discrete, check out the Airsep Focus!

Inova Labs ActivOx 4L

If you require oxygen treatment but also need to be outside of your home for extended periods of time, the ActivOx 4L is a great option. It is at the very top of the list for battery life, clocking a very impressive 10.25 hours if you use the lowest airflow setting! A second battery can add three hours to that amount of time and the car adapter really means that you are no longer stuck at home due to your oxygen treatment! This is a wonderful option for anyone that likes to remain active and spend a significant amount of time away from home. It weighs less than 5 pounds and can be carried in a messenger bag or backpack depending on your battery configuration.