When shopping for a truck bed cover, you want something that will improve your fuel economy while providing extra protection for your tools and camping equipment. But where can shoppers find the best deals on truck covers? There is no need to wander the aisles of your auto parts or big box department store. Here the market has been scoured for you, delivering the best buys for tonneau covers, taking in price, ease of use, and simple installation, in one simple place. The top three deals on the best truck bed covers are for the R&L Racing Roll-up Soft Tonneau Cover, the Tonno Pro Tri-fold Tonneau Cover, and the Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. Read on to learn more about how to score low prices on these truck bed covers.

First up, look at the R&L Racing Roll-up Soft Tonneau Cover which is your bargain buy with a price available through Amazon for under $155. Make sure to check that your bed is the right size to match the right cover when ordering. This is a roll-up cover with a thick vinyl on the top to shed water. Double-sided tape and aluminum clips secure the side rails that the top connects to when you roll it into place. If you are hunting for an inexpensive cover for your aging truck, this one provides the performance you need for a few years until you are ready to sell.

When you want to invest a few dollars more for a longer lasting product, check out the Tonno Pro Trifold Tonneau Cover which you can pick up for $259 from The real bonus of this very popular brand is that all their covers come fully assembled. You just have to twist the clamps for the rails in place, fold down the lid, lock your tailgate and take off. The folding design means it is just as easy to remove and store the cover without damaging it. The top has double-sided vinyl so even if you left it open during a sudden storm, the cover will not be damaged.

For the ultimate truck bed cover, spend a little more and grab the Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover available for $300 from Yes, you are spending twice compared to our budget option, but this one is designed to last as long as your truck. The unique textured fabric sheds dirt and debris and only needs a quick rinse to clean it off. Other covers require special chemicals to keep them mold and stain free. Its heavy-duty aluminum rails and clips resist warping over time. The fabric is also treated for UV protection to prevent cracking. Best of all, the rear part of the cover snaps into place out of reach from passersby. Once your tailgate is closed and locked it would require a vandal to destroy the cover to gain access to the bed.

It is also possible to invest in a hydraulic tonneau cover with a rigid top, but those require significantly more effort and expense to install. When you are looking to improve your truck without spending an exorbitant amount on a new accessory, the roll-up tonneau cover delivers the best bang for your buck. Remember before you buy that covers are created specifically for your truck bed based on size, make, and even model. Don’t forget to double check your measurements before ordering!