Turn your kitchen from good to great with a fabulous new refrigerator! The best new refrigerators are spacious, made with state of the art technology, and built to last, all without sacrificing affordability. Having a refrigerator that is too small for your family or that struggles to keep things cool with a full load can make it difficult to properly store food, leading to lost money from spoiled food. If you’re looking to get rid of the old ice box and replace it with a better model, these three options are large, reliable, and packed with features. The top three deals on the best new refrigerators include the Kenmore Elite 72483, Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, and the Samsung Family Hub. Read on to find out what you need to know about how to score one of these excellent refrigerators.

You’ll have enough room to store all the leftovers and snacks that you want with the 29.9 cubic feet of space in the Kenmore Elite 72483. French doors open to the main refrigerator portion which will have no problem holding tall or wide items thanks to adjustable shelving that easily moves around the space. The bottom drawer is the freezer, but the real surprise is the CustomChill drawer in the middle that can run in four different chill settings depending on what you need to put in there. The Kenmore fridge is actually an LG LMXS30786S that has been rebranded, and you will find examples of both models carried in Sears Outlet stores. Although Sears claims a list price of $4,199, new units retail for a more reasonable $2,599. If you still want a fridge that’s as good as new without paying the full sticker price, Sears will discount floor models and refurbished units that have seen relatively little wear for a massive discount of 50%.

If you think 30 cubic feet isn’t enough and want a few more features to spur your culinary creations, the Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 can take care of both of those problems for you. Aside from the size, the first obvious touch of individuality is the French Door design that extends to the freezer. The ice and water dispenser has some tricks up its sleeves. With the flick of a switch, you can get sparkling water right from your fridge door thanks to the built-in SodaStream carbonation machine that is easy to set up and definitely worth the effort. The interior space is highly adjustable, and the removable Chef Basket is the perfect spot to store your mise en place while preparing a large meal. Again, the Sears Outlet refurbished models are going to be the cheapest price you’ll find for this model, and suffering the refurbishing will save you around $3,000 on it.

The last fridge on the list is another Samsung model, but this one combines a sophisticated design with the power of computing. The Samsung Family Hub features the same four-door extended French Door style of the Chef Collection model, but the 21.5” touchscreen on the upper door is linked to cameras in the interior that keeps track of what you have in stock and can suggest recipes or create shopping lists based on availability. You can also use the touchscreen to display family photos, run a timer, or play music while you cook. The one downside to the Family Hub from the previous two in our list is the downsizing to 24 cubic feet, but it still feels spacious in the interior. Even with shipping and tax, the Sears Outlet refurbished model is going to carry the day for the best discount once again, and you can check out your local store to try to dodge the shipping costs.