Exploring France on a bicycle is a fantastic way to view the country and see many picturesque sites. Package tours in France tend to focus on one area so before you decide on your trip review the most popular regions of the country, such as Provence, the Dordogne, and Alsace to determine which is best-suited to the type of bicycle trip that you want to experience! The Chain Gang is one of the most popular outfits to offer guided bike tours that include airfare and accommodation. They are currently offering tours of the Dordogne as well as the Alsace region with their guided tours program. Keep reading to learn more about this popular vacation trend!

Dordogne, France

The six-day tour of the Dordogne is currently offered at $1,912 with airfare out of New York. Travel to meet the group can be on your own, many participants opt to extend their stay and drive down to meet the group, or the tour company will arrange transport for you. Public transportation is also an option as the system in France is fairly comprehensive. You will visit the Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil with an additional 14 stops along the route! This tour is suitable for cyclists of all levels and includes a number of stops at vineyards and fine dining establishments. Check out the Chain Gang tour of the Dordogne to visit this beautiful and often overlooked area of France.

The Loire Valley, France

Anyone who is a wine lover should visit the Loire Valley at least once in their lives! Even better, explore this picturesque region on a bicycle! You will visit magnificent Chateaux, ride past seemingly never-ending fields of sunflowers and enjoy some of the best wine and cheese on the planet! This trip is limited to a small group and is a fully guided tour. The price includes airfare and accommodation and starts at $1,912 per person. The tour begins in Montreuil-Bellay and ends in St-Pierre-des-Corp with multiple stops in-between! This tour encompasses 6 days and is suitable for all levels of cyclists from beginners to experts.

Amboise to Chinon, France

For travelers who are a bit more adventurous and ready to venture out on their own, check out Pure Adventure Cycling Tours! You will have all arrangements made for you plus bike pick up and drop off at the start and end of each day while being able to explore on your own with a much less structured itinerary. This tour spans 8 days and starts at $1,327 with airfare on your own. It is a perfect excursion if you are already in France and want to experience a more immersive tour of this gorgeous country! This package offers wine tastings, dining, and organizes all of your accommodations for you. Please note, that this is not recommended as a suitable option for travelers who are not already experienced cyclists.