Summertime is travel time and if you are hoping to visit Europe, finding a great deal on your round-trip airfare can help to free up some cash to spend while you are over there! The internet has really opened up the possibility of scoring cheap tickets, especially for travelers with flexible dates. While you can always check deals with your preferred carrier, utilizing an aggregator lets you keep tabs on what deals everyone is offering. For example, if you want to visit France but see a super cheap ticket on Skyscanner for a flight to Belgium that is a lot more helpful than waiting for your preferred city to go on sale!


This is a great resource because it allows you to search for flexible dates, nearby cities, and create email alerts so that you can act fast if something that works for your travel plans becomes available. Currently, the site is showing amazing offers on round-trip flights to Charles de Gaule in Paris from San Francisco for only $348 which is ridiculously good! This site is also great if you are looking for an airline that you may not know about, such as Portugal Air, that is expanding into a new market and offering crazy savings on round-trip flights to multiple cities in Europe.


This is one of the best sites for flexible travelers and digital nomads, you can literally search for “Beach” in “July” and it will show you the cheapest flight available to popular destinations like Ibiza and St. Tropez. It also offers a lot of great intel on hotels, city vibes, and must-see attractions. If you have vacation time that is going to expire, hop onto Skyscanner and type in “Europe” to find out which cities are the cheapest to get to. And it is also a great resource for travelers who are operating under time constraints at it finds the best fares for set times and destinations as well. There is currently a special on Virgin from NYC to London for only $276 that we found out about on the site!

Google Flights

Unsurprisingly, Google offers a great resource to find cheap round-trip airfare to Europe. The search options are completely searchable and one of our favorite features is the multi-city tab that allows you to do a little exploring around Europe and lets you know which destinations are at the lowest prices. You can set up email alerts to track the price changes to your preferred route if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger yet. The interface is very easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility.