Tire discounts for seniors can help older adults save lots of money on vehicle maintenance. Few things improve safety and handling like a new set of tires, and seniors who are on fixed incomes might be reluctant to change their tires as often as they should. However, with discounts from some of the nation’s best tire retailers, older adults can find new tires for their cars, trucks, and SUVs without paying full retail costs. Here, we will review some of the best available discounts for seniors in search of new car tires. Deals can be found in newspapers, print ads, and even in coupon books, but nothing beats websites for finding today’s best values. Read on to learn more about where seniors can find discounts on the best new auto tires.

Passenger Tire Discounts

For a wide range of discounts, seniors can start their searches for new tires at Walmart, one of the nation’s largest retail chains. Walmart offers its entire inventory of tires for sale online, and this includes numerous tire models on sale for discount prices. One of the best tires seniors can get with discounted pricing right now is the Antares Comfort A5 All-Season Tire, which is currently on sale for just $65 at roughly $25 below normal retail pricing. This car and minivan tire is made for all-season driving, allowing seniors to maximize their safety when behind the wheel. Walmart also offers free shipping or pickups, allowing flexibility even for seniors who don’t live near a Walmart location.

Need tires that are even less expensive? Walmart offers economy options with slashed pricing such as the Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Tire on sale for $47 per tire, which is roughly $15 below normal retail. These tires are also available with free shipping or in-store pickups.

Luxury Car Tire Discounts

Seniors who have luxury cars but need cheaper tires are also in luck, as several retailers offer name-brand tires designed to maximize ride quality and gas mileage. One of these tires is the Firestone FR710 passenger car tire, which is currently on sale for just $84 each from Discount Tire. This tire ships with a 65,000-mile manufacturer warranty and can be shipped for free to anywhere in the country. In addition, buyers may be eligible for mail-in rebates up to $50. Another good option offered by Discount Tire is the Goodyear Assurance Ultratour for just $73 per tire. For this all-season tire, buyers may be eligible for mail-in rebates of up to $60, and the tire is protected by a 70,000-mile manufacturer warranty. Seniors can find numerous other discounts through this well-known tire retailer.

SUV and Truck Tire Discounts

Seniors who drive light trucks, crossovers, or SUVs can also find great discounts at Sears, which also displays its inventory and tire sales online. The Laufenn X-Fit HT is a great all-season tire for this category, and Sears currently offers it at a discounted price of just $49 per tire, nearly $20 below standard retail pricing. Excellent for wet and snowy roads, these tires feature durable treads and great handling on dry roads. Sears is also offering an online-only coupon code that lets seniors save an additional 10 percent when buying! These are just some of the great offers where seniors can find discounts on new tires for their vehicles.