On the market for a GPS vehicle tracking device? The newest GPS trackers offer a wide range of solutions for people and business owners who want to keep track of their cars or fleets. The newest GPS tracking devices of 2018 can track vehicles over longer distances to pinpoint locations, and they can do so longer thanks to improved batteries and efficient power supplies. After reviewing many of the market’s top-rated products, we’ve determined the best GPS devices to be the Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker, the Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker, and the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker. If you’re preparing to buy a GPS device, then read on to learn more about these three great options.

Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

First is the Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker, which is easy to use with very little instruction. This high-end tracker is backed by powerful software that lets you track vehicles from various platforms and with all kinds of analytics for measuring locations, trip distances, stops and more. The tracker is always on, even when not plugged in, which makes getting accurate data more guaranteed. It comes with a mobile app that lets you track your vehicle from both Apple OS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. It’s also integrated with Google Maps, making it easy to see exactly where your vehicle is at all times. If you’d like, the Optimus Real Time GPS tracker can alert you with regular updates about your vehicle including its speed, location and more. Monitoring costs just $19.95 per month, and canceling service is easy. This is a great deal for anyone in need of reliable vehicle tracking.

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

Next is the Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker, which is an affordable GPS device that doesn’t require any complex installation. In fact, this tracker is no larger than a smartphone, making it easy to keep in your car or even carry while walking, hiking, or camping. Many people use this tracker as an emergency GPS device. Equipped with a simple power switch and Google Maps integration, this GPS device retrieves location data every 60 seconds. With $50 annual subscriptions and $15 quarterly plans, this is an affordable GPS tracker that is more ideal for single vehicles than for fleets.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Last is the Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker. Like the Vectu unit, this tracker is small and is easily carried or stored in most compartments. Powered by just a single AA battery, this GPS device can stay on up to two weeks without being turned off. The GPS signal is good for within one meter of accuracy thanks to the use of both GPS and a motion-detecting accelerometer. Compatible with Android and Apple OS devices, the companion app for this tracker makes it easy to know the location of your car, briefcase, purse, or wherever else you store your Spy Tec device. Monitoring this GPS device costs just $25 per month, making this another one of the better deals on the GPS market.