There’s nothing like a good barbecue to bring family and friends together, make tasty food and just celebrate nice weather in general. Of course, no barbecue is complete without a good grill. While a surprisingly wide variety of retailers sell grills, it can be challenging to find affordable prices on the models that are actually going to last. But before you decide to just call it a day and settle for shelling out big bucks for a nice grill, you should know that there are good deals to be had. In fact, Amazon, Sears and Home Depot all have fantastic deals on BBQ grills. Read on to learn more about where you should shop for your next barbecue.

Many people still shop at appliance stores and home improvement outlets, but it’s no secret that the online shopping industry has extended itself into this niche as well. And when it comes to grills, Amazon indeed reigns supreme. Not only is there an abundance of grills to choose from, but many of them can actually be gotten for cheaper than at other retailers. This is because Amazon is getting an increasing amount of deals on appliances as more traditional retailers either shut down or shift their focus. And for many of its grills, consumers have multiple options (assembly, fast shipping, warranties, etc.) to opt in or out of in order to adjust the cost. Perhaps one of the best examples is the Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill on Amazon for only $81, whereas it can be found for around $150 with other retailers. Sure, it’s a little on the smaller side with 280 square inches of cooking space, but consumers will find that this is still plenty of room to cook multiple items at a time and quickly get the job done for smaller barbecues. Its smaller stature also makes it more portable, and the grill also comes with various customizable options (like a side burner) for those willing to pay just a little bit more. This grill, like many of those sold through Amazon, comes with multi-year warranties at less than $5.

But while Amazon is dominating the online market, Sears is floundering when it comes to physical stores. Sad as this may be, this is actually pretty good news for those looking for a new BBQ grill. The once-giant retailer is now putting much of its appliances on sale, and grills are no exception. So for now, Sears is actually among the best places to find great savings on barbecue appliances. And while many stores are closing, its website is still very much alive and offers between 25 and 30 percent off on most grills. One such example is the Kenmore 61-inch Charcoal Grill. This is a sturdy grill from a reputable brand that normally retails for between $280 to over $300, but Sears is offering it for $190.79. Buyers may also qualify for free shipping or store pickup, depending on their location.

Last but not least is Home Depot, which has long been among the best in the industry when it comes to grill shopping. This is both due to their extremely large and varied inventory as well as their deals. Because they are always getting the latest appliances in, they frequently have sales on models that are just barely considered “old”. An example is the Nexgrill 5-burner Propane Gas Grill, which normally retails for between $250 and $300. Home Depot offers it for $199, however, and also offers free shipping and free store pickup for most locations. This is a quality grill with 638 square inches of cooking space, and it is rated very highly by consumers.