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Mackey: Crosby Good, Pens Bad in Loss

The Tribune-Review’s Jason Mackey joins CineSport’s Brian Clark to discuss the Penguins’ 4-1 loss to the Flyers in a game that featured Sidney Crosby’s 300th career goal.

3 'Idol' Moments We Can't Stop Talking About

Kelly Clarkson sings her first 'American Idol' audition song from 2002. We've got the must-see clip.

Marlins Anxious to Start 2015 Season

Miami Marlins wrap up spring training with an 8-0 win over Washington and are anxious to get the 2015 regular season started. ESPN 106.3 on WPTV's Emerson Lotzia reports.

Allegiant Strike Averted

The Allegiant Airlines strike is off, at least for now, as the airline tries to work with its pilots, over scheduling issues. A court order was issued late Wednesday afternoon, stopping pilots from walking off the job, Thursday.
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